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Dogging Place is decent dogging website. We had a good time on it. It is a site that looks similar to other sites we have visited but there are some distinct differences. As we went through it, we found it to be an interesting experience.


This was one of the longer registrations processes we have experienced. It started out like most other registration processes. At the beginning we were asked for a user name, password and date of birth. That is very routine and okay. But after finishing that, it took us immediately from the registration to the profile builder.

That wasn’t something that we expected for several reasons. Most websites don’t do that, they allow members to build their profiles at their leisure and not spring it on them. However, you can look at it as a positive or a convenience since you have to get it over with right then and there, you don’t have to do it later. And of course since all members must do it you find fairly rich profiles. Building the profile right away certainly made the entire process more time consuming than the actual registration alone.

The profile building process asks many different questions. There are questions about physical appearance, sexual proclivities as well as ability to travel and other things. Not all these questions are exactly comforting and we couldn’t fathom why they were asked. Nevertheless, the profile was competed and we felt a sense of relief after we were done. At least we didn’t have to do it at a later time.

Free Features:

This is the heart of the matter for DoggingPlace: There really aren’t a lot of useful free features. The free features on this site are good but there are only a few of them. When members initially enroll onto the site, they are able to view profiles of other members. This is good because members are able to see other members that they might want to share some time with and possibly meet. So this makes it a good feature to have for free.

Members are also able to create a member profile and edit it for free. This is the other free feature. This is good because not too many people would be willing to join a site they had to pay for before even seeing what would be available to them. But as we went through the site we realized these are the only two free features, so it doesn’t give you a lot of options without being a paying member.

Paid Features:

The paid features are where the fun lies. We could obviously do much more on Dogging Place with a paid membership; as we went through the site we found so many more features. You have to ask yourself if you mind paying money for a membership if the features allow you to do many things with the site.

Paid members are able to send and receive messages from other members. This is what most people go onto these websites for. They want to be able to communicate with and talk to those that catch their eye. When we found other members that shared common interests and were easy to meet up we were glad to be a paying member.

Those that pay for their membership also have the option of being able to chat with others online through instant messaging. This is a great option for people like us who like to talk to different people. This feature made it worth the price of joining DoggingPlace too.


There are some people that don’t feel comfortable paying for the privilege of being on a website to meet others. There are others that weigh each website individually and decide on whether the features are worth signing up for or not. We believe Dogging Place is worth the money. Those that want to pay their membership each month have that option. You can pay L23.95 ($29.95) per month. If you know that you are going to be a long term member you can get a 3 month trial for L35.95 ($49.95), a six month membership for L59.95 ($79.95), L83.95 ($109.95) per 12 months. Or even you can gain lifetime membership for L251.95 ($349.95). The pricing of this website is something that is budget friendly and the billing is discrete.


This is a website that was a pleasant surprise. Although as we went through Dogging Place, we discovered all the interesting features and abilities were only available to those that paid. While the prices are affordable, it is something some people would have to think about. As these people think of the many different things they are able to do, they might find the money is well spent.

The overall feel of the website is very comfortable. This is a website that is well organized and has a lot of members to talk to and choose from. It forced us to think of what we wanted to gain from this experience. It’s an experience worth repeating and thinking about. Those that are looking for more than a sexual encounter are free to seek other type of relationships. So you are able to find whatever else you might be looking for as well.

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