Amazing Dogging Spots For Your Sexual Needs

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Dogging is one of the fast growing trends in the dating community nowadays. More and more people are being drawn to do this kind of activity because of the excitement that it gives the people who are involved. Some people may also find themselves to meet couples in some popular dogging spots and they are able to fulfil their needs of watching couples have sex. Though some people may raise their eyebrows about this kind of activity, people who are engaging in this kind of activity do not see anything wrong with that they are doing and that they are not putting other people in harm. So where are the amazing spots for dogging except parks?

Fitting Room

So if you love shopping and you love taking your guy with you, then you should know very well how exciting it would be for you to try to make out on a fitting room. The excitement of being caught especially that fitting rooms are not really that concealed would be a great experience for you two. There are a lot of places in a department store that people do not go to a lot, and that would be the perfect place for you to try to steam things out. A simple gesture of looking at the eye of your partner or asking him to unzip your dress so you could fit can already send a message to him about your desire to make out on that dogging spot.

dogging spots - public toilets

Public Toilets

There are also times that you and your partner would be silly enough and just do crazy things and make love in public toilets, one of the most famous dogging spots! Though most of these toilets separate men from women, but that just adds up to the excitement. Would not it be great if you can just quickly pull your partner inside the girls bathroom and make out in one of the vacant toilets? It would also be really exciting if there would be other people who are using the toilet room and you two have to prevent yourselves from moaning loudly. It just makes the experience more erotic and arousing!

Seashore dogging sex


How do you feel about those scenes from movies that show a couple making out under the moonlight or the sunshine? Well you can definitely do that too! In a lot of public beaches, where there are a lot of people, it would be more exciting for you to try to finish your making out. Most of the time, there would be security people roaming across the shore so you might want to look for a place that is more hidden like behind the huge rocks on the other end of the shore. This would give you a longer time to make out without anyone spotting you. The best time to do it is during the night under the moonlight where there are lesser people and you can have more privacy. This is surely one of the most romantic dogging spots.


Last but not the least among the list of the best dogging spots is in the elevator. Why not try to do it during the time where the elevators are less busier, so that there is lesser chance for you to be caught. This is probably one of the most exciting spots since you can do it during office hours and the chance that the people you know are the ones to end up catching you make out. However, it is also a good feeling of excitement to finish the “dirty deed” in just a matter of minutes, maybe from first to tenth floor.

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