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This is a website that was a little unexpected but something that was a total treat. There aren’t many sites that are a surprise and delight but this one was exactly that. Dogging Lovers is a website that is filled with mainly UK members that love dogging and offers many other things.

The beginning of DoggingLovers is something that was unexpected. But once we got through it, we found a website that brings people complete delight. This is what people are looking for, a place they can be themselves and get what they want without feeling odd.


Registration to Dogging Lovers is a bit of a mixture. It wasn’t too long but it wasn’t short either. Those that choose to register on the website find they are able to quickly sign up but getting to the actual website is something that takes a few moments more. As soon as the signup is done, we were thrown into building a profile before we could actually get to the site itself.

Like most people this is something that we would have wanted to avoid until later. There are those however, that think this is a great idea. But for those of us that weren’t expecting to have to type personal things about ourselves until later, we felt like this was a great inconvenience. While going through the profile builder, there was one section that was entirely prewritten. The wording that can be placed where a person writes their ad can be chosen from things that are prewritten. We found that to be a life saver, since we were not prepared to write about ourselves.

Free Features:

DoggingLovers doesn’t have too much to offer in the way of free features. This website is one that allows people to build a profile and search other profiles for free (basic search). But even though we were able to look at other members profiles we weren’t able to talk with them because there aren’t any communication options available to do so.

Some members may be happy to just be able to search and save their results. There are probably some people that are okay with saving their search results because they know they will become a member soon. These people are able to find those they are interested in and look at their profile from time to time until they sign up with a paid membership.

Paid Features:

The paid features are what most people want when they sign up for Dogging Lovers. Those that choose to pay for their membership find they love being a part of the community. As a paying member we found that we were able to do so much more as a paid member, because there really were no options that were free. As we looked through the site, we saw other members we were curious about and it was nice to be able to communicate with.

Members are able to send winks and kisses to those that are interesting to them. As people search and see someone of interest, it can be a lot of fun to flirt and get to know them before speaking about anything else. There are some people that are very shy and the winks and kisses help them overcome their shyness.

Emails and chats are also available to those that pay for their membership. This is always the best part of DoggingLovers. Those that pay for their membership find they are able to communicate with others at their leisure. These communications open the door to many people meeting and dogging in different locations. Communication is key when it comes to many things and this is one of them.


At first, we were expecting the price for this membership to be too much. After reviewing the many things that are available, the price for this website is something that is reasonable. There are some people that choose to try a month to month trial. It is $21.49 and bills automatically after 30 days. The continued billing amount is $21.49. But for those that want to purchase a 6 month membership, you can do so. The charge is $128.94. This is a one-time charge that will pay for the six months membership. There is also “Special stripped offer” – 30% off the price of full membership for the next three months so you get all premium features for only $15.99/month! From time to time prices change on the service depending on the offer.

Considering the many things that are available to those that like the features gained by paying for a membership, there are many people that feel the price is fair. We like the fact that there is an option to pay month to month or in 6 month increments. This is fair enough for those that aren’t 100% sold on remaining a member.

Although this site isn’t one that we were expecting, it was delightful. It has plenty of men and women members that are into the dogging lifestyle. There are many different connections that we could have been made through the website. Dogging Lovers a great website as long as you know that the features are only available to paid members. But the price and reasonable and you are given a couple of options to choose from.

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