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This is a website that is very interactive and interesting. It has different parts to it that are very enjoyable. As we looked at initially, it is very unassuming compared to the other dogging websites we’ve seen. After the registration though, we liked what we saw and the experience we had on this website. Initially, it reminded us of a huge chat room. As we went through the site and looked at different aspects of it, we saw that it was more than that. Doggers can get way more out of this website than anyone will out of an ordinary chat room. Main advantage of is huge members’ database: 358,591 registered users, male/female ratio: 14:1, male/couple ratio: 8:1.


This has got to be one of the fastest registrations ever. It literally took one minute for us from start to finish and confirm. The most important thing that one should remember is not to use your real name for the user name. That is not something that should be put out there unless of course it’s a turn on for you. As soon as a user name, password, email address and date of birth are entered and submitted, a confirmation email is sent to the email address listed. Once the confirmation link is clicked, the page redirects to the site. That’s it. There is nothing else to do to register. It’s free, not one single penny is requested.

Free Features:

We like free and free normally gives us good information about the site itself. That held true for as well. There is nothing that one is required to pay for and there are many different ways to use this site. I am a little put off by the way this site is organized and its appearance. It’s a little on the dated side with the overall look of the site and the way the profiles are set up. But Dogging UK is free and there are some things that cost money. So we would rather have the site be free rather than have it better looking and cost money.

On, as normal, members can upload their photos and set their profiles. This is something that is easy as well. We didn’t see any problems with that. The mailbox for Dogging UK is just as easy to navigate as any others. We like the fact that there is a way to block annoying callers and a way to see all emails, sent and received. It worked wonderfully for us.

The forum is also great. The threads are interesting and there was a good variety. There are some where you can find a playmate and others to share experiences and stories. We found this to be a great part of the site. The dogging forum is our favorite. Although there aren’t any dogging locations specifically mentioned, other members are available so you can find out more information. It’s a great feature.

Paid Features:

Although is free, there is another membership available to people. This is a premium membership that unlocks other features to the site. This premium membership isn’t expensive at all. It is only 5 GBP for each month that it’s renewed. There are no automatic renewals to worry about either. The cool part about paying for the premium membership is that those members are able to sign up for this feature via text message or a phone call. There is no need to do it on your computer or anything of that nature. It can be done discreetly.

The features that are available to those that upgrade are worth the fee. The web chat is available to those that sign up for this feature. Although members don’t have to have a webcam to see what others are doing, they won’t be able to participate until they have a cam. These members are also able to access more pictures and email pictures from a cell phone. Which make it an awesome upgrade.


Considering most of the site is free, there is nothing to argue about there. The upgrade that is available is very reasonable. It allows a lot more features to be used on the site and have more fun with. It isn’t something that is recurring so one doesn’t have to worry about budgeting for the option if they don’t want to.


We weren’t expecting to have the option of the premium membership so it was a surprise. It’s a little sad that not everyone will be able to play on the webcam if they don’t pay their premium fee. Overall, this is a good website. It has many of the features that we want in an dating site, especially dogging. is easy to register for, navigate and play on. Even without the premium site, it’s filled with pictures, the forum and many other things. It’s a good site to find other pleasure seeking dogging people.

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