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Introduction: is sister site of specialized in gay community. Very decent number of gay/bi guys (149,434) and rising day by day. There is something magical when you find a great free dating website and forum. Cottaging UK is wonderfully easy to sign up for and easy to navigate. The initial appearance didn’t look appealing but as we started to navigate through it, it grew on us.

When we first signed up, the look of this site wasn’t appealing. It reminded us of a big chat room of old. Although the look of it is dated, it’s a very easy site to navigate and manage. After a few minutes, it was easy to learn. There is a lot to do on this site, lots of gay people to meet and chat with.


This has to be one of the fastest sites on the internet to sign up for. When we clicked the link to sign up, it said fast but that was unbelievable. It took less than a minute, from start to finish. After entering a user name, email address, password and age verification we got the email confirmation in seconds. Once the confirmation was completed, the membership was active.

The best part about the registration is there is no money requested. This is a free site to sign up for. It has a little bit of a dated format for the site but it’s still a great deal. Although it’s dated, it is free and easy to navigate. Members are still able to connect and communicate with one another.

Free Features:

There are plenty of free features on It’s an amazing resource to have to meet other gay, bi men or trasgendered people. One of the best features on Cottaging UK is the forum. This is where the action happens and the connections are made. There are many different threads that can be viewed and commented on. Members aren’t limited in their communications on these threads either. There are groups for those that want to meet, share stories or just chat. It is a great way to connect and we love the meet up chat.

There are plenty of photos to be seen also. Members are able to sort the photos according to what they want to see, pg13 or xxx rated. It’s a handy feature for times when we are in mixed company or when something explicit isn’t necessary. As members sort through the pictures, they will notice there are always new uploads.

The email feature is also impressive. It is a very easy to read email system. Not only are you able to send and receive communications this way for free, you are able to save our sent and read emails, much like a normal email account. There is also a block feature that could come in very handy for some. This will allow guys to communicate with others they are interested in and not have to worry about being bothered with those they don’t want to talk to.

Paid Features:

This is a completely free site but there is a different membership that is offered to members. We were a little disappointed in this but it’s not as bad as we initially thought. This is an offer to upgrade the membership from free to a premium membership. Upgrading to a premium membership unlocks even more features on

Web cam and chat is something that is available to premium members only. This allows members to see other members live and engage in some great cyber activities. Although not everyone will be able to participate if they don’t have a web cam, those that do are able to view multiple members and chat with them at one time. That is an awesome feature to have.


Although Cottaging UK is a free site, there is the option of having an upgraded membership. The premium membership is something that isn’t required but for those that choose to do it, it isn’t something that’s expensive. Those that choose to upgrade will pay 5 GBP each month they choose to have the upgraded membership.

The 5 GBP fee isn’t something that is a recurring fee. It is charged each month the services are requested. This is great for those that don’t want the hassle of cancelling the upgrade and watching billing statements to ensure a charge doesn’t appear. The best thing about requesting this upgrade is the fact that it can be done via text or a telephone call. It’s not something that has to happen on your computer, it can be done more discretely.


There are many things that are great about Cottaging UK. It’s free and it has a lot of direct communication with others. The option of having a premium membership is also great but not very necessary. Even with its dated look, Cottaging UK is a website worth joining. It’s easy to register and begin using. It’s not invasive and a lot of fun to be on.

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