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A lot of people are really drawn to having sex in public because of the excitement and the different levels of sexual arousal that it brings to the people who are involved. However, there is one simple rule that has to be followed, never allow yourself to get caught! This trend is in fact very much popular and that is proven by the improvement and the increasing number of people who are into dogging in the UK. If you feel that you also want to be involved dogging or in having sex in public places or watching people or couples have sex in public or semi-public places, then it would be helpful for you to know the places where you can best find people who are doing dogging. To make the task easier for you, I have listed a number of dogging places which are perfect for you to do or look for dogging.

parking area dogging sex

Parking Area

One of the great dogging places that you may want to try is to be inside your car on a parking lot. You have to make sure thought that you park the car on an area that is far from the exit so you prevent being caught by the roving guards or by other civilians also using the car park. To make room for you and your partner, recline the chair backwards. This is to allow for you to be free with changing positions and to have a more comfortable experience.

Storeroom at Work

Are you attracted to someone you work with? If yes and if you feel that he or she is also attracted to you, then it would be perfect if you two can steam out the ganged up sexual desire and attraction by having sex inside the storeroom. It is one of the ideal dogging places since there are not that much people who are going to this place, it would be the perfect place for you to do the forbidden act. Aside from being very exciting, you can also enjoy the benefit of having the pleasure even while you are still at work. A recommended position in this place for sex is the standing doggie.

storeroom sex voyeur

Office Conference Room

If you are attracted to your officemate or you work with your partner in life, then the conference room is one of the best dogging places. Aside from having enough space and having ideal things around such as the table, floor and chairs, you can also enjoy a very nice view from conference rooms most of the time. An ideal position to do in this place is for you to have her bend over the table and enter her from behind. It would be double pleasurable for her since the position is very erotic and there is also that excitement of being caught. You can also have her lay on the table with her butt situated at the edge so that her legs can rest upon your shoulder. Expect her to shout like an animal while you do her in that position.

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