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Do you feel like you have a strong sexual appetite than most people? There is nothing to be ashamed of. You can exercise your cravings and fantasies in real life with other people who are into your sexual thing. One favorite among adults is the dogging car parks. If you are interested to try it or to get a little more information about it, you should try check this online site out DoggingAfterDark.

Dogging car parks is quite common in the UK or USA before, this was practiced outside the internet. You would have to go to the park at night and look for parked cars. You then approach the driver’s side just to make introductions. If the one sitting behind the wheel feels you’re into dogging car parks too, he or she will lower down the driver’s side window. Try to start a conversation hinting to it and take it from there. Of course, there are no guarantees is the person is really into dogging car parks or he could be a cop undercover. This is why it’s safer to indulge your sexual cravings online.

dogging car parks

Online sites like the one I mentioned above have members who are interested in meeting other doggers like you. Before you go ahead with a doggers meet or for sessions of dogging car parks, you should know a couple of basics:

Set the time and date: It’s important to get everything cleared out and planned. List the date, time and contact number down so you won’t have to worry about forgetting it.

Safety: You should never go anywhere without telling someone about it. If you feel hesitant to talk about it, just tell your room mate or someone close to you that you’re meeting up with someone and a certain place and you’ll be back by a certain time. Write it all down and give it to someone. This is just for security reasons just in case you meet up with a kidnapper or someone really disturbed.

Birth control and STD prevention: You should always take precautions against STDs. Since you’ll be meeting up and mingling with people you doesn’t know very well, there is all likelihood that you’ll encounter someone with a sexually transmitted disease. The best sex is only safe sex. Even if you’re a woman, it’s a must that you should always keep a pack of condoms with you. Don’t rely on just pills and contraceptive shots. Condoms are 99% safe in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Find a condom that’s thin yet safe for maximum pleasure. You can also try those glow in the dark condoms for fun. When using condoms, don’t apply double. The latex will rub together and tear making dogging car parks experience a dud. Avoid using oil based lubricants like petroleum jelly too. Petroleum jelly can and will break your condom.

Clothing: Make sure you’re wearing something easily accessible. Since dogging car parks require speedy interludes, everything needs to be very accessible. Women should wear skirts so it’s easy to lift up and pull down. Enjoy!

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