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So you’re interested in dogging? Take comfort in knowing you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of people who crave the excitement and thrill of dogging. For those of you who are new to dogging, you to know the 101 on dogging meets and what is dogging all about.

Dogging is when you have sex in unusual places. You’re not into conventional hotel room sex or bedroom sex. You don’t want to be contained in one place but rather crave to explore areas where there is a big risk of getting caught or seen performing. If are into dogging, you might want to check out online sites like Dogging After Dark.

Finding your potential dogging partner is easy online. Instead of going out every night at the park to check who’s available for dogging, you can meet up with someone who’s into dogging from internet sites. It will save you a good deal of time and effort. Traditionally, dogging meets are done at the park. You look for a car at night and approach the drive’s side of the car. If the window opens more, it’s your go signal to talk to the person if he or she is game for some randy night of action. This is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, there may be very few doggers in the night to entertain yourself with. There is also a risk you’ll run into some cops. That’s why I strongly suggest you hookup other doggers online.

Find someone you’re interested with online. Most doggers have sites and wall pages with attractive and alluring pictures. You can message that person up and see if he or she is interested in a dogging meet. If the dogger is game, you would have to talk about particulars like when and where.

It’s very important that you inform someone of where you’re going or who you’re going out with. You can also give the estimated time you’ll be home just to be safe. You might end up having a dogging meet with some very sadistic date.

Before heading out to your meet up place, always carry a pack of condoms with you. This is your security. While contraceptive pills and other forms of contraception prevent pregnancies, they don’t really do anything to prevent STDs and AIDS from infecting you. Even if you’re a woman, take the initiative to protect yourself from diseases. Play it safe and keep your sack session hot and steamy. Avoid worries like STDs by bringing a rubber on. Don’t settle for one, you might want another go after.

Do you want to make your dogging meet extra kinky? Wear exciting and kinky lingerie that’s easy to take off. You can also do without lingerie if you want. It’s really up to you. Since you’ll be doing it outdoors where it’s rough and steamy, make sure you’re wearing clothes that give easy access for your interlude. Wear short skirts that don’t require much fumbling. Just familiarized yourself with the 101 on dogging meets and you’ll be a pro in no time! Enjoy!

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